january 07, 2014 11:46pm (3 approx.month ago)

Little Otter Sink cave and others


JAN-05-2014 was quite a success for Karst Underwater Research M project group extended by joining-in myself and Citracaver. Virgin cave system was discovered and Andrew P. laid over 800' of line. The cave was named Little Otter Sink Cave after a family of these animals who discovered the cave before us. M3 cave had an extension of over 200' by Matt V. diving it for the first time after our initial exploration effort in 2011 and 2012. Both caves were also vector-surveyed by divers. At the very dusk we also confirmed topo data on existence of a very small but never less interesting spring with possible new cave on private property. Lots of new findings and leads in the area. However since we are doing it now as a part of larger team even less detailed location information could be leaking to public. That now includes old buddies and friends.

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